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Certified Negotiation Expert

The Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation represents understanding the following principles and, of course, putting them into practice:

Competitive Win-Lose Hard Bargaining

vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiating

Understanding the differences in these two classic approaches and how to use both approaches to get the best outcome for clients and yourself. Most instances require the latter approach while some lend themselves well to the former.

Psychology of Buying

Knowing how the brain makes purchase decisions and how to impact both sides of the brain in the decision making process. Different people obviously see things differently and it is important to know what aspects to emphasize when it comes to the final decision being made by the decision maker.

Persuasion Principles

Scientifically proven persuasion approaches increase success rate at influencing others. In such cases, even the judicious choice of words used matters.


Planning proactively one's negotiating strategy for each situation determines one's success rate.

Case Studies

Applying principles and approaches in real estate negotiation situations from case studies and past experiences that have arisen in all kinds of markets help guide one successfully in present and future market situations.

Skills Practice and Role Playing

Having practiced the art of negotiating within a friendly environment increases success in the real, confrontational world.


Gaining an understanding and putting into practice Innovative and creative approaches learned through discussions in small and large groups situations keeps Certified Negotiation Experts on the top of their game.