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International Real Estate Specialist

Since 2006, agents have received the I.R.E.S. training, which has now been upgraded to the GMA. When agents are using social network and sharing listings with one another, they are walking on a very thin line if they do not have the necessary agreements which our GMA Certification provides.

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Global Marketing Agent

There are brokerage companies located around the globe which are eager to share their listings with as many clients as possible. However, because each country and each state has different real estate laws, requires different real estate licenses, and uses different forms and agreements most agents are not able to take advantage of the global real estate market. Very few, if any, brokerage companies have provided their agents with the tools necessary to successfully and legally navigate this global market to share, market, and advertise listings. The reality is that ONLY past I.R.E.S agents and current GMA certified agents have received the proper training and education needed to succeed in the global marketplace.