Vision Statement

Jim's ultimate vision is to have a real estate practice based entirely on referrals from his clients; but, he needs your help! While he concentrates on expending his time and energies providing you with World-Class Service, he needs you to give your heart-felt endorsement of him to your family, friends, neighbors, and work associates, so that he doesn't have to spend 70% of his time like common real estate salespeople looking for the next deal. He wants to be 100% devoted to you, his client, giving you the service you should expect and deserve, but he needs your referrals. With your help, he can continue building strong, lasting, lifelong relationships one family at a time starting with you.

If You Haven't Been Referred to Jim... That's OK!

Jim pledges to give you the same quality care and attention as if you had been referred to him! You will experience the same World Class Service and will become his client for life, so that you, too, will feel compelled to refer others to him! Just give Jim a call or e-mail him and he'll be happy to consult with you about your plans or goals of buying or selling.

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