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Improve Your Home’s Marketability

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7 Cheap Ways to Improve the Marketability of your Home

You want to put your house on the market and you want it to be as attractive as possible, but you do not want to redo the kitchen or remodel the bathroom. Here is a list of seven little things that can change how buyers see your home.

1. Change the mailbox.

The mailbox is one of the first items potential buyers see from the curb. A beat up and rusty mail box says a worn down and poorly maintained home.

2. Paint The Front Door.

As people go in and out of a house the front door is often a little scratched. The light it is exposed to fades the paint; and the dirt from the outside will stain the door. All these make a negative impression on the buyer. A little fresh paint or stain can change the image of the psychology of the buyer entering the house from closed and negative to open and positive.

3. Trim shrubbery.

Shrubbery is good; but, overgrown shrubbery looks unkempt – kind of like uncombed hair. And it makes the same impression – untidy, not looked after, and not clean. Judicious use of the clippers can make a big difference in the curb appeal.

4. Fertilize the lawn.

Few things make a greater impression from the curb than a lush green lawn.And nothing will achieve that for you than a little addition of fertilizer. Also, apply a little seed to the balder patches of the loan. You should see improvements in a week.

5. Change Toilet Seats.

Over the years, toilet seats become stained, scratched, and wobbly. All of this says “dirty” to the would-be buyer. New toilet seats are inexpensive and subtly change the impression the buyer has of the bathroom. A little costlier, but if you have scratched up stained sinks you might want to consider replacing them, too.

6. Change Light Switch Plates.

Inevitably light switch plates and the plates for outlets show the signs of constant contact with dirt and finger print stains always present. You can try cleaning them one by one, but the plates are so very cheap. Clean plates would indicate a home that is cared for to the last little item.

7. Clean The Windows.

Sparkling-clean windows make the house more attractive both inside and out; whereas, dirty windows showing handprints, rain stains, and the like create a disproportionately negative impression.

This list should give you a starting point on inexpensive ways to improve your home’s marketability. Now, walk your home and look for the little things that can be made cleaner and brighter with a very small expenditure of money.

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