Jim Kazakoff, ABR, CRS, CNE

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What our clients say


Heidi & Greg Day - Experienced Buyers, First-Time Seller

For a little over one year, Jim worked hard as our realtor and at sometime during the process, also became our friend. What a blessing our whole experience with Jim has been. When we first started looking for a home, we were, I thought, slow at knowing what we wanted to do. We knew we wanted to move eventually, but we were taking our time and careful to make the right decision. Never once did Jim make us feel like we were “too slow” or that we were inconveniencing him in any way. He never made us feel like he had more “important” customers to work with, customers that were more “serious”. He gave us freedom to be in the stages we were in, and didn’t push us prematurely. When we would find a few homes to see, he would often say, “When do you want to meet?” and most likely it would be that very day. He was always friendly, warm and glad to see us. I felt as if I was calling a friend who was only too happy to oblige. After a few months of looking off and on, Jim continued to show nothing but kindness and courtesy. He kept in touch with friendly e-mails and let us know what was on the market that we may be interested in. I felt like I always had a connection and that he was truly concerned about us. After we finally had a buyer on our home, things needed to move fast. Jim was a solid rock to lean on during the whole process. Always available, always offering advice and help whenever we needed him. His honest and open communication with us was invaluable and something I knew was rare in this business. I knew we had something special. We not only want to thank Jim for his real estate services, but also recommending high-quality individuals to do various improvements on our home. We have been very happy with everyone he has recommended.

Ed and Sandy Kelson - Experienced Buyers, Experienced Sellers

We just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how very much we love our new home and neighborhood and feel we got a terrific deal due to your efforts. When we first tried to sell our home under a different Realtor, we were unable to do so; nor was the agent able to locate us the home we wanted to buy. We were very specific about our needs in that it had to meet not only our budget needs, but our aesthetic ones as well. We did not want to feel “fenced in”, and our new home has a magnificent view. It is even more beautiful than I thought we could manage financially, but you made such a good deal on it, we are now the proud owners.

What was probably the most amazing is how fast you were able to sell our old house. The video you made was terrific. Each step of the way you helped us and never tired of our many questions. It is no wonder that we recommended you to our daughter and son-in-law when they bought their first home. Our family is certainly a more than satisfied customer who would love to recommend you to anyone who wants fast, honest, and caring service. You are the tops.

You have given us many laughs along the way, and overall, have made this a rewarding experience. We would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again. We wish you all the continued success you deserve.

Kurt & Teresa Bienmueller - Experienced Sellers

We want to tell you how much we appreciate all of the “extra attention” you gave to us in the selling of our residence. When we first decided to relocate back in June, we had previously seen homes in our area sell in a matter of weeks, days in some instances; so we were not concerned about putting a contract down on our “dream home in the country”. After months of being on the market with no offers, we made two very BIG decisions – 1) go ahead and buy our dream home without first selling our house, and 2) change real estate agents. Well, both turned out to be the best decisions we could have made. We love our new home in Aledo, TX and you sold our house!

I wouldn’t recommend anyone going into a situation of having two house notes, but your expertise and knowledge of the pre-owned residential market, along with your communicating exactly what we needed to be doing; kept us assured and confident that you would get the job done. And that is just what you did. We may not have walked away with what we thought we could, but we were able to walk away without a loss; and in these unpredictable financial times, that makes it a win in anybody’s book. Thanks again!

Don & Pat Taylor - First-Time Buyers

Pat and I just wanted to send you a note to express our thanks for all of your help over the past year. As you may remember, we were looking to rent a home when we first contacted you, and even then, with little or no incentive financially speaking – because of the limited amount of homes for lease and the next to nothing in subsequent commission – you were still very enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile to help us find just what we were looking for. Do you recall, when we were about to sign a lease agreement, you asked if we had considered buying instead of renting? And look where we are now!

Everything from financing, home warranties, the right plants and shrubs, just the right fence, (Ha – Pat is still pleased), contacts for home inspections, and the list goes on. Without your concern and genuine interest in our situation, we would still be throwing money down the drain renting. Instead, we are living our dream in our dream house.  It was almost effortless on our part. We told you what we were looking for and immediately you started to sort through the listings to find it.

Please share this with anyone who might be considering a new home purchase from you, so that they may have the same peace of mind, sense of satisfaction and enjoyment we have every day when we get up in the mornings and come home in the evenings. Thanks for everything!

Sharman & Jennifer Sibia - First-Time Buyers

A friend of ours met you at an open house. You spent a lot of time talking with him. Even though he was previously commited to another agent, he still recommended I give you a call and gave me your website. He is still looking for a house. I told him to give you a call and drop that agent. Of course, I don’t know what is involved in that. He said he is going to call when he gets back (he is traveling). Our experience with you was great. Below is a quick summarization of our experience you can use to share with others:

Jim is the best real estate agent we could have been recommended too. We highly recommend Jim to all of our friends and family (when they move here). We first met Jim on a Saturday at a house that my wife and I wanted to see. This was going to be our first house. Jim quickly pointed out things that were wrong with the house. Some of the things he pointed out most agents would have missed. On one house we looked at Jim found problems that the owners didn’t even know about. He wasn’t just out to get us any house, but he came to get us the house we wanted. He was always available and extremely informative. I still don’t know how he knew so much about some of the houses we visited. In order to get the best price on a house you have to negotiate. The house we wanted was offered at a price that was a bit out of our reach. However, Jim did everything possible to bring the price down to what we wanted. I was convinced that Jim was reading the sellers minds during the whole negotiation process. He knew every move that the seller was going to do. Jim made the whole home buying process quick and painless. He handled every detail so we could focus on moving and enjoying our purchase. I still don’t know what everyone complains about when buying a house. My experience was great. Maybe they should have used Jim??

Becki & Steve Girouard - Experienced Buyer, First-Time Seller

We TRULY, TRULY love our new home. We cannot thank you enough for all you did to help us sell our previous home, then find our perfect home. We have a couple of friends who are beginning to talk about buying a home. We will continue to sing your praises!!!  Please drop by anytime you find yourself out our way!! We were talking to a friend who asked about our experiences with different realtors and thought you’d like to know what we told him.  BTW, you are referred to as agent #3…

“We have had experience working with 3 different agents. Bottom line, 2 were great, one was good. All 3 had qualities that were beneficial with our decision process. The first agent we worked with was great. We were first-time homebuyers and he was very thorough in helping understand the entire process, got us with the right people and basically taught us what to look for and what to stay away from in choosing a home. When we asked his opinion, he gave it to us as if he was in our shoes. The 2nd agent was chosen, due to the first agent retiring. Agent #2 was helpful in getting us ready to sell the house we lived in. We were building and had already chosen the home so she was no value on the other side. There were key things she missed in getting the house sold, not a lot of followup with prospects and when the house didn’t move quickly, her solution was to just drop the price. We ended up pulling the house off of the market – the main reason being the agent. The 3rd agent was incredibly professional. He had his own professional website, and after we hired him, he did a lot of marketing of the house we were selling. He was brutally honest on things we needed to do to get the house ready to sell, whereas Agent #2 was hoping they would slide by. Agent #3 provided a contractor to make the necessary changes to get the house ready to sell. With his recommendations and aggresive marketing and follow up, he had the house sold at a price that was what we wanted to get. We were unsure of the house and area we wanted to move to. Agent #3 spent many days and evenings showing us properties. He forced us to look at things for us to make an objective decision. What sets Agent#3 apart form the others is the followup after the process. He puts out a monthly newsletter to keep all of his customers up to speed. He has a yearly get-together at a restaurant for a FREE meal as a thanks for being a loyal customer. Agent #3 has mastered pre-sales and post-sales.”

Brad & Lisa Davis - First-Time Buyer, First-Time Seller

If you are looking to buy or sell a home and want an honest, trustworthy individual who upholds an integrity level second to none then the person to call is Jim Kazakoff. Jim has proven himself over and over again as a top-rate individual who only looks out for the best interest of those whom most realtors call clients but whom Jim calls friends. Jim was willing to work with a schedule that was convenient for our family whether it had to be early morning or late into the night. Jim has always been there for us no matter the time. Jim made buying our first home seem to be an easy task. That was due to the fact that Jim did a lot of the work behind the scenes. He helped us also find a mortgage company that assisted us in making the dream of owning our first home come true. Jim was by our side through the entire process giving us valuable advice and after all the paperwork was signed, sealed, and dated he could have easily said goodbye but this is where he went above and beyond what he had to do for us.

Jim helped us find a painter on short notice to paint the interior of our home before we moved in. Then as a surprise Jim had our lawn mowed for us. After moving in, our water heater went out and the first person we called was Jim. He didn’t have to help us but he directed us to the right people that solved our problem. Throughout the year Jim kept in touch by greeting cards on special occasions, by receiving his monthly newsletter, e-mails, and he dropped by the house at the holidays just to say hello. Those type of small acts of kindness go a long way in our book. Then just when things were finally getting settled we found out that we had to transfer, and we turned to Jim to help us sell our home.

Again, Jim stepped up and made the process seem so easy, and he maintained a calm about himself that settled our minds in a time when things seemed to be going crazy. Jim set all the appointments for us at our convenience and continued to reassure us that everything was going to be okay. We never felt that Jim was put out with our many questions or comments. He gave us up-front, honest advice that allowed us to make the best decisions for our family. We can’t say enough about Jim Kazakoff and how he treats the people he works for. Jim has a strong professional work ethic and shows genuine concern for our family and our needs. We thank God for Jim Kazakoff and for all he has done for us over and over again. GOD BLESS JIM KAZAKOFF! Hopefully, we will be back to the area again and the first person we call will be Jim Kazakoff.

Bill & Angie Barton - Experienced Buyers, First-Time Sellers

Buying and selling a home at the same time can be pretty traumatic at times, unless your realtor is Jim Kazakoff, … really.  Jim, the list of reasons why I will, and have, recommended your services is long. Although the outcome is pretty hard to argue with – sell at market, buy below market – it was your approach to marketing, knowledge of the market, attention to detail, advice and patience during the process that made the experience bearable, and even… occasionally… enjoyable.

Julio & Noemy Alfaro - First-Time Buyer

I can assure anyone that I am very happy with the professionalism and honesty of Mr. Kazakoff. Without a doubt I recommend him as a very outstanding realtor. The business transaction with Mr. Kazakoff has created a wonderful friendship; even as the years have passed he still keeps in touch with me. He has had wonderful family events every so often with all his clients past, present, and future. He has created a community of neighbors that I am very much pleased to be a part of. I feel lucky to be able to have a friend to help me in the future if I ever decided to sell my home or buy a new one. I highly recommend Jim Kazakoff not only as a realtor, but also as a friend.

Bill Anwyll - Experienced Buyer and Experienced Seller

Painless!!   As a seller, that’s how I describe selling property whenever I hire Jim Kazakoff to help me.  Not long ago, a neighbor referred Jim to me to sell my house.  He did such a fine job marketing it and in taking care of all the details for me that he was the first and only one I needed to call when I decided to sell my 5+ acres shortly thereafter.  No sooner had I called him, and out he came, camera in hand, and put together virtual tours and still photos on the spot.  Even though I thought what I wanted was a “high” but reasonable price, Jim felt it was do-able, and then promptly sold it!  Once again, Jim took care of negotiating me a great deal and handling all the details, leaving me to take care of packing and moving – thus reaffirming my stand that Jim is the only one to call for a painless real estate transaction.

Glenn Schaefer - First-Time Buyer

I would just like to say that Jim Kazakoff is quite simply superb. I have had dealings with many different realtors in my life, and Jim is not only the finest, but is so far beyond those others as to be in a class all by himself. I couldn’t possibly recommend him more strongly. He gave me untold hours of his time during three different periods of time over a 2 year period, never once concerning himself with anything but my best interests. Thank you so much, Jim! I hope we can stay in touch and remain friends. All you have done for me has meant the world! Thanks…

Robert & Lynda White - Experienced Buyers, Experienced Sellers

Were your ears burning last week?  I was telling a friend about the remarkable job you did in selling my home.  As you remember when we listed our home with you we also started building a new home.  As our new home came closer to completion I wanted you to lower the price of the home you listed so we could avoid having 2 house notes. As it turned out you held steady and got the price we wanted! When we sell this house we expect the same savvy real estate advice you give to all your clients.

Rob Mlinarich - Experienced Buyer, Experienced Seller

I was looking for a home to buy when I happened upon a 24-hr recording on a sign. The voice of the agent was so pleasant that I decided to call him to show it to me. The voice belonged to Jim Kazakoff with Re/Max. After looking at houses for awhile, I decided to go ahead and list my own house with Jim on Feb 19. In less than 2 weeks he had an offer in hand! Between then and closing, Jim patiently explained all the details to me so that I could understand completely everything that was going on. If I ever hear of anyone wanting to sell or buy a home, Jim will be the only realtor I will recommend. Thanks, Jim, for a job well done!

Gerriann Heinecke - Experienced Buyer, First-Time Seller

Due to an impending divorce, we had to sell our home. Jim contacted us after a failed attempt by another realtor and we are so glad we took him up on his offer of assistance. Even though our house had its negative aspects, Jim’s know-how and marketing soon sold our home. But this was just the beginning. Can you say “patience?”? Jim Kazakoff is the personification of the patient Realtor. I turned to Jim to find me a new home. I would not want to count the number of properties we looked at over the course of the next sixteen months. (Yes, I said sixteen!) He very gently steered me to houses that fit into my budget and helped me sift through any number of potential homes that would not have been suitable knowing which neighborhoods and areas I would prefer. He was very willing to allow me to bring a friend with me to look at property, and his subtle humor was invaluable. Over the sixteen month period we developed a friendship as well as a client-Realtor relationship. He did an excellent job of walking me through the buying process. Had it not been for Jim, I would have been overwhelmed at the daunting task of finding a new home.

Kevin & Marsha Lewellen - Experienced Buyer

Jim did a great job in helping us find, negotiate, and purchase our home. In fact, even though we were willing to buy the house if the sellers agreed to do a few minimal repairs, Jim took the initiative and negotiated a new roof and dishwasher for us! I would use his services again and recommend him to our friends. Thanks for all your help, Jim!

Aruna Rao & Vijay Balebail - First-Time Buyers

Jim, our “dream house” hunting of two years has finally come to a close. Thank you especially for not dumping us the last 6 months. We almost were house hunting every day and were very choosy in what we wanted. It was your patience that we really appreciate. You did not mind that the house had to fit in with our cultural “Feng Shui”. You even did some pre-screening after you got to know our search criteria! — We had fun house hunting. – As I had mentioned earlier, it had become sort of social recreation activity to do with you. We wish you good luck!

Todd & Maria Wiseman - First-Time Buyer

Jim has helped Maria and me considerably. We were new to the area and would have been lost without him! He went to bat for us with our home builder. He made sure he was there for every home inspection making sure that everything was good and that the builders did not try to cover up anything. Even months after the sale, Jim has been there with friendly advice. We recommend Jim to anyone that we hear of that is interested in buying/selling and give him an A+.

Daphne Cave, Pat Corman

Thanks, Jim, for working so persistently, tirelessly, and diligently at great personal loss, and under sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to make our beautiful new home possible. Lesser men would have given up.

Sam & Kim Richards - First-Time Buyers

As first-time home buyers, my wife and I had many, many questions. Jim held our hands through the entire process, step by step.  He took the time to explain who, how, why, etc. all the way home. It was a relatively painless experience because of the time and attention that he gave us. He took pictures, made recommendations on everything from window guys, to inspectors, etc. Last night, he just explained how our alarm system works! He has focused on removing the little challenges that can/will otherwise make the home buying process a nightmare. He was/is always trying to meet our needs 100%. He was/is always available. We love our home and we’d just like to say “Thank you, Jim!”

Yi & Julia He - First-Time Buyers

We were first-time homebuyers who were referred to Jim by an acquaintance. Jim was very patient with us and our many questions and especially patient with us in the amount of time it took for us to finally buy a house. He spent many days showing us houses and even making offers, only to see us decide that we needed to put buying on hold temporarily. In the intervening time, he stayed in contact with us and when we were ready to look again, he was there for us and just as patient. When we did decide on a house, he was able to negotiate us a great deal, and even continued negotiating certain terms right through closing. He continues to stay in touch and treats us more as a friend than as a client – we have even met for lunch several times since we celebrated our purchase!

Chi and Nisah Nguyen - First-Time Buyers

Jim was a great help to us and he never gave up on finding the perfect house for us.  He took us to many different places and we must have worn him out; but he did an excellent job in helping us.  We find Jim to be one of the top realtors and he really cares for his buyers.  We have never received better treatment from any other realtor.

I myself did not even see our new house until late July and I am very proud of my parents’ choice and am very thankful to you for all the help you gave my parents.  I know that many people in the past gave up on my parents because of the language barrier or because they thought that my parents were just wasting their time. So I must tell you, “Thank you! ” for helping my parents. Also, my dad says thanks for helping him set up the phone and other utilities. I’m sure no other realtor would’ve put that much effort into the purchase of a house. Thi Nguyen.

Armando & Socorro Bitar - First-Time Sellers, Experienced Buyers

Jim, we thank God for wonderful people like you. We admire your great heart and we are very grateful for everything. You helped us sell our home after another realtor couldn’t and then helped us through the process of buying a new home. Our home will always be your home.

Phil & Carole Shumway - Experienced Buyers

Our thanks to you for all the time you spent with us helping us find our home. Also, for the help extended to us in finalizing the closing, since we were back in Colorado selling our home there. It is a joy for us to be near our children and grandchildren. Remember that was our reason for moving. Thanks again – you were great to work with.

Ron & Kim Singleton - Experienced Buyer

Any time we hear that someone needs the services of a Realtor, we recommend you. We tell them about your patience in helping find just the right home and your professionalism in helping get all the legal matters handled and about your expertise in the field and always being able to answer our questions. We hope our recommendations have brought you business. We will continue to recommend you to those who need Realtor services in the future.

Jim and Val Richardson - Experienced Buyers

Thank you Jim! We were blessed in having you represent us in finding our great new home. We are settled in well and really love the house. We have many things to be thankful for and will certainly remember who helped us find our piece of land to occupy! Please share the following with whomever you will… “When in transition and experiencing many life changing events, a sincere and professional person is needed to eliminate any further aggravations brought on by moving and buying a new home. Jim Kazakoff made our move painless and he helped us in many areas that are not expected of a home sales professional. Jim escorted us to the new school where our children were to attend, Jim was patient with our schedule in moving from another state and Jim always made us feel confident in the decisions we had made in buying our new house. Jim sets a fine example of service and customer satisfaction and we would recommend his services to anyone thinking of relocating, purchasing or buying a new home.”

Andy Destena - Experienced Seller

As you know, we had considerable difficulty selling our home with another realtor. After six months, we reviewed your computer presentation and found it to be very impressive. We found your analysis and candidness to be very helpful. We were also very pleased with your attention and follow-up with the eventual sale of our home. We would be happy to recommend you for a pleasant and professional handling of selling and/or buying a home. For those familiar with the computer, we are sure they will be impressed with your listing presentation and after sale follow up.

Ben & Kim Jenkins - Experienced Sellers (REALTOR!)

We put our house on the market and with blind faith moved back to our home state of California to start a new life. Eight months and three realtors later, our house STILL had not sold. Fortunately, we found Jim and within a few months, he got our house sold. He worked diligently for us during the entire listing, and kept us informed all the way through (and believe us…by this time, Kim was a wreck and needed constant reassurance). His professionalism and courtesy to us was highly commendable. We would recommend him to all of our friends and associates! Thanks, Jim!

Anna & Jonathon Sung - Experienced Sellers

After having my home on the market for a year, I was getting frustrated especially with so much activity. But the deals always seemed to fall apart at the end and this is when I met Jim. Shortly after selling my home, I realized that Jim has a special understanding in the art of selling a home. With his ability to read people and their circumstances, he seems to see results before they happen. I would recommend his services to anyone, especially if you are having a difficult time.

Ramona Lowe - First-Time Buyer

As both a first time homebuyer and a newcomer to the area, I had hundreds of questions. I didn’t even know what my options were or what kind of home I wanted. The only thing I did know was the general area in which I wanted to live. Jim answered all my questions with great patience and showed me all types of houses to help me define my price range and the features I wanted. When we found what was truly the perfect house, Jim sized up what needed to be repaired and negotiated funds for a new roof and shower. After we negotiated the contract, Jim continued to answer my new questions and keep me posted on the closing status. I have the highest regard for Jim and the quality job that he does. I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone.

Susan Avelar - First-Time Buyer, First-Time Seller

When I read the glowing comments from Pat Corman & Daphne Cave posted above, I just had to let you know that those words could have been written by me!  You not only helped us buy our primary residence, but you, worked “so persistently, tirelessly, and diligently, at great personal loss” to help me dispose of my three investment properties. What a load you took off my mind! Your willingness to take on the IRS and other lien holders and month after month jump over “sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles” is appreciated.  “Lesser men would have given up!” This I know, because I surely felt like throwing in the towel many times myself!  Thank you! Thank you! It goes without saying that I had to hire you to sell our home to relocate closer to our work. We are now happy in our new home and thank Jim for helping us get here. We consider Jim a friend of the family and I know I will always keep in touch. There can be no better real estate agent than Jim Kazakoff and I will recommend him highly to anyone needing real estate services. Thank you, Jim! I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to sell!

Ellie Anderson, Noel Klein - Experienced Buyers, First-Time Sellers

Buying and selling a home at the same time can be pretty traumatic at times, unless your realtor is Jim Kazakoff, … really.  Jim, the list of reasons why I will, and have, recommended your services is long. Although the outcome is pretty hard to argue with – sell at market, buy below market – it was your approach to marketing, knowledge of the market, attention to detail, advice and patience during the process that made the experience bearable, and even… occasionally… enjoyable.

Kurt and Celeste Peterson - First-Time Sellers

Jim, I wrote this note to a neighbor… “Our friend Jim is very honest and has been in the business a long time. He sold another house on our street about two years ago after I recommended him to Trudy. I think you would really like him if you interviewed him.”

Lou and Kathy Saucedo - First-Time Sellers, Experienced Buyers

Thank you very much for all your help in selling our house and then finding us another one. Please come by and see us when you can. We will refer you every chance we get.

Henry Berg - First-Time Buyer

We are happy to give you the highest recommendation. We loved your services and your manner.

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