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Six miles south-southwest of downtown Boston, Roslindale, once considered a garden suburb of Boston, now boasts a diverse community that many cultures call home – both for its natural beauty of valley-like and hilly surroundings and its affordability. A thriving Hispanic community is evident from the local shops and commercial businesses that line Roslindale’s main thruway, Washington Street, which extends from Dedham, Hyde Park, through Roslindale and to Jamaica Plain.

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Many of the neighborhood’s large, colonial homes have been converted into condos to accommodate the influx of young professionals and families seeking less expensive housing than afforded in JP or Newton. The western part of Roslindale blends seamlessly with West Roxbury’s one and two family residences and tree-lined streets, while Roslindale’s northeastern area consists of dense two and three-family residences amidst light industrial buildings akin to that of JP.

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“Rozzie”, as it is known to local residents, is best noted for its close proximity to the Arnold Arboretum, a 265-acre oasis that is part of Frederick Law Olmstead’s Emerald Necklace. Roslindale Square, the heart of the neighborhood, is the subject of a National Trust for Historic Preservation Main Street award – showing that residents here know how to take care of their neighborhood. You can find a farmer’s market in the heart of Rozzi Square each summer and fall.

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Roslindale has its own informal neighborhoods: Boston Parkway – a shared neighborhood with West Roxbury; Metropolitan Hill – a shared neighborhood with Hyde Park; West Village; Longfellow Area; Forest Hills/Woodbourne – a shared neighborhood with Jamaica Plain; Lower Washington; Healy to Murray Hill; Prospect Hill; Mount Hope/Mount Canterbury – a shared neighborhood with Hyde Park; and Wellington Hill – a shared neighborhood with Jamaica Plain. The MBTA Orange Line and Commuter Rail provide commuters with easy access to downtown. Roslindale is well served with local bus service. Plan your commute here. Boston is a city of neighborhoods by means of annexation. Access the City of Boston’s official website for Roslindale for Roslindale. If you have school-age children, Roslindale lies in the Boston Public School district. Its transportation policies are outlined here.

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It is always wise to check for reported criminal activity wherever you plan on buying/living. The Boston Police have a web page dedicated to Roslindale which you can access for their latest news. You might wish to visit the neighborhood’s own website, which has helpful information and links for Roslindale. To keep up with daily goings on you can check in online with the Roslindale Transcript, The Patch, or, of course, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald.

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If you have a specific property in mind that you think you might like to buy, The City of Boston maintains a database for the City Assessor which you can access to see what value the City gives the property and what the annual taxes are. Boston does offer a residential tax break for primary residences for which you might need to apply after your purchase.

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On average, about 35 homes sell each month in Roslindale, only 1/3 are single-family detached houses. Those have been priced from $459,000 for existing homes to $1,168,000 for a grand, new construction home. The preponderance of sales consists of condominiums and townhomes/duplexes offered for sale from $200,000 to $875,000. The multi-family properties have been running from $699,000 to $1,550,000. Rentals in the area run from $1,595 to $4,100. Of course, pricing for sales and rentals varies depending upon size, location, and amenities. Real estate sales and pricing are very fluid and can fluctuate in a matter of hours because homes come on and off the market daily… even hourly. What is currently offered for sale is listed below. The following chart is a visual representation of the cyclical nature of the real estate and compares the ups and downs between Roslindale to the ups and downs of the entire city of Boston. The taller the column the better it is for buyers. The shorter the column the better it is for sellers. Hence 2006 was the best time for a buyer to buy in Roslindale, while 2017 was the best year for sellers. However, buyers will be happy to know that the graphic below indicates a weakening seller’s market for both Roslindale and the rest of Boston.

Great Schools provides ratings for most schools in the United States. Below, you can see what schools are near the address you are thinking of buying and then compare it to other neighboring schools.

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Below, is a chart of the sales in all Roslindale – month-over-month, year-over-year since 2018 – with a historical overview of the best times to buy and sell. Hint: you want to sell when most homes are selling – spring. You want to buy when most sales are slower – other than spring! Chart of Roslindale Market Activity The Roslindale zip code is typically 02131. However, there are additional homes located in 02130. You need to contact Jim if you want to know if any of those are on the market. Otherwise, bookmark this page and check back anytime to see what is currently available only in 02131. Unlike other search sites which include properties already under contract, this site only shows properties that are truly available. Additionally, you can pick which type of housing – single-family, condo, or multi-family – you are interested in to see those at a glance.

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