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Photo of Newton Corner residence Newton Corner is Newton’s first official village. It had generous-size lots which accommodated large Italianate and Queen Anne-style homes. Per usual, large plots were made into smaller plots with smaller homes built on them. Not only did developable land come to an end, the Mass Turnpike was constructed right through the middle of it. Nonantum, aka Silver Lake (or just The Lake) is known for its commercial area having numerous Italian restaurants. If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will see all the available listings in all of Newton Corner & Nonantum. If you are interested in any of the other nearby villages, choose from the list below: And the thirteenth is Four Corners… which is more of a neighborhood than a village. All this gives rise to the statement, “In some ways, villages in the city of Newton are a state of mind; there are no formal borders, but everyone knows in which village he lives.” Perhaps it’s because each retains its own distinctive neighborhood feeling and architecture. In any case, even though some village names are official Post Office town designations, this village-based system often causes some confusion with addresses to first time visitors. A prime example is Chestnut Hill. It actually shares its name with a neighboring area in the Town of Brookline and in the city of Boston.

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Photo of Newton Corner residence

This is Newton Corner’s and Nonantum’s best real estate site to search for: homes, land and foreclosure properties. It is seriously the only site you will ever need to find your next home or investment property! Bookmark this page and check back anytime to see everything currently available in Newton Corner and Nonantum; and you won’t be wasting your time dwelling on properties already under contract, because this site only shows properties that are truly available unlike all other search sites. *** If you should see some properties listed twice it is because some brokers will list a condo/townhome as a single-family house as well, list a dilapidated house as land, or a single-family home with a converted garage or apartment suite as a multi-family!

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